Who Are RATS

Who are RATS?


There are several active members of RATS and many more people who support us by offering help and support when we need it through donations, leafleting and by passing on information.


RATS members ages range from 25-90 and our members come from a variety of different backgrounds and professions.



Would you like to get involved in RATS?


If you'd like come along to one of our meetings, join RATS or help us with things like leafleting and passing on news, please email us at info@houghtonrats.org.uk


RATS Chairman:

Councillor Colin Wakefield



Councillor Sheila Ellis



Bill Angus (Retired police officer)


Other Members:

John Ellis (Retired geologist)

Jim Smith (Retired police inspector)

Joyce Dixon (Houghton resident for 90 years)

John Ritchie (Local businessman)

Holly Smith (Geology Graduate)

Paul Marriner (Media trainer at a national Newspaper)

Paul Gibson (Retired teacher and trainee lawyer)