Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


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RATS respect the privacy of anyone who visits our website. We’ll treat any personal information that you submit to us through emails, letters, guestbook comments or other correspondence with strict confidentiality and won’t share it with any third parties without your permission. However, please be aware that the internet is not a totally secure medium.

What information we can see about visitors to the site?

Our internet host has a tool which allows us to track traffic on the site. We can’t see any personal information about you and can’t access any information telling us how many times you’ve visited or what information you’ve viewed. All we see is numbers that tell us things like: total number of visits, visit durations and visit paths. None of this information contains anything about who is actually visiting.

What do we use this information for?

It’s just to see how many visits our site is getting and to see which parts of the site are most popular. This helps us understand more about how to improve our site.

Information on the Site

RATS have always told the truth. We have never published anything in our leaflets, or on this website that we can’t back up with factual evidence. As this evidence is often in the form of huge reports, massive email chains and reams and reams of data, it’s not always practical to publish this information on the website. If you’d like to see any of the information behind the facts on the site, please email us.


By using, you agree to our privacy policy and are aware that it may change at any time. Any changes will be documented here.

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