Water Supply

2014 update: Please note that this page, along with many on the site was originally written in 2009 and some of the effects of the landfill have changed in that time. RATS have decided to leave it as it is though as an archived record of what the people of Houghton-le-Spring have suffered over the years.

Water Supply

Polluting the water supply isn't just breaking local and national laws. It's also breaking European law.

Beneath Houghton are two aquifers, one is in the fissures (cracks) in the limestone and the other in the sand beds below the rock. This is like a vast underground lake where the water flows slowly through the rocks under the town. The aquifer moves from West to East and it continues from Houghton underpart of Sunderland and Seaham out to sea. This aquifer supplies our drinking water, which is pumped out at places like Stoney Gate pumping station, which pumps 3 million litres a day from under the landfill.

Here's a diagram that shows this in a little more detail:






















In 2013, Biffa were fined over £100,000 for polluting the groundwater underneath the Quarry. The pollution is still happening.