It’s close to peoples’ houses

In their application for a new licence to operate, Biffa repeatedly claims that the quarry is 1KM north of Houghton. They also claim that “no housing is within 500 metres of the quarry” This ignores the following places:

· All of Grasswell


· All of Southern Newbottle


· Part of Burnside Estate


· Part of Sunniside


· All of Houghtonside Estate


· Most of the houses by the Cut (Edwin Street, Sunderland Street etc)


· Almost all of Houghton Town Centre


It’s hard to guess the population of all these places, but as there are several hundred houses covered in the list above, a conservative estimate would be probably be several thousand people who live within 500 metres of the quarry.










































Here's a Google Map of the Quarry. It couldn't be any more in the middle of Houghton!


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Look at some of these pictures below and you can see just how close this toxic waste dump is to peoples’ homes.